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Phenomenal talent in Atteridgeville

Nkomo Village, launched an arts competition to encourage and assist local artists. Amazing talent and creative skills were discovered among the upcoming artists of Atteridgeville. Artworks were entered in three categories and the winners were announced last week. They received a cash prize as well as an invitation to join an arts road trip to galleries and alike in Johannesburg.

The winners were

  1. Category 13 – 15: Azwifaneli Nekhavhambe
  2. Category 16 – 18: Ofentse Letshwene
  3. Category 19+: Sifiso Sibiya
  4. Due to the large 19+ category we also selected a 2nd and 3rd place
    • Second: Alane Khoza
    • Third place: Polelo Huma
    • Judges Merit Award: Lina Malahlela

Anne-Marie Kruger (from Safari) and Marina Wibraham from Encaustry accompanied the artists on the excursion where they had the opportunity to visit various art galleries including Gallery MOMO, Everard Read Gallery and SMAC Gallery. They were briefed on the ins and outs of an art gallery, exposed to different forms of art and introduced to the works of Lionel Smith and more.

Candice Allison, the director of the Bag Factory in New Town went out of her way to take the artists on a much appreciated tour of a lifetime. The artists had the privilege to meet world renowned artists such as Thonton Kabeya and Candice Walker, to name a few. The trip was very inspirational and the artists reckon that they’re ready to conquer the world with their new art supplies purchased at Herbert Evans.

Some of the Finalists: 2019

Atteridgeville and the arts

We are proud that our three centres in Atteridgeville (Nkomo Village, Atlyn, and Mnandi) have become known as central places where schools and community members can exhibit their talents like choir performances and art exhibitions. We took hands with the AttSaul Arts and Culture Forum who identified and enrolled 16 artists that assist school teachers with mentorship and with art workshops for the community. With the help of Marina Wibraham, Safari will facilitate these workshops on a regular basis to empower the arts community of Atteridgeville.

The Department of Education is supporting this initiative and is in negotiation to see how they can fit the program into the curriculum for the Grade 8’s and 9’s to encourage participation.

Check this article out: Together with some local entrepreneurs in Atteridgeville Safari is also actively encouraging the youth of Atteridgeville to participate in performing arts categories such as dancing, singing, poetry and instrumental preformances. We are hosting an annual talent search competition that provides potential performers with a platform to display their talents on a regular basis at our Atlyn and Mnandi centres.

Atteridgeville and the Arts
Some of the Finalists: 2019

Some of the Finalists: 2019

12 October 2019

Atlyn/Mnandi Talent Search

Harambee Job Opportunities

Our Shopping Centres provide permanent employment positions of which 90% are filled by local residents. This number excludes the indirect jobs that flow from business created by the centre. Safari partnered with Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, a not‐for‐profit social enterprise with extensive experience building solutions and innovations that target the global youth unemployment challenge. They use data, partnerships and on‐the‐ground experience to create pathways for employment. Through the Harambee initiative our centres have become a huge catalyst for continuous skills training and the filling of job positions from the local community. Visit their website and register your details there.

Visit Harambee website