B-BBEE Policy

The Property Sector Charter constitutes the framework and principles for implementation of B-BBEE in the property sector. Safari’s commitment to the Charter is firm and we support the principles of social and economic transformation and empowerment on all levels of our business.

The Social and Ethics Committee monitors our progress in complying with the B-BBEE scorecard. Progress is monitored through an on-going base-line progress summary of the applications of the B-BBEE principles and a B-BBEE audit is annually undertaken for the 12-month cycle, ending on 31 March. Empowerlogic is the accreditation agent.

For the 2019/2020 audit, a limited scope review was requested from the accreditation agent. Preliminary scoring indicated that Safari would be non-compliant for 2019/2020 compared to the Level 7 scoring of 2018/2019. The main contributor to non-compliance status being the internalisation of the property management, asset management and leasing functions on 1 March 2019, one month prior to the end of the 12 month cycle. The impact was significant in allowing no time to align policies in terms of skills development and employment equity. Safari was therefore only evaluated on ownership and management components of the scorecard. No other categories were reviewed or audited for the period under review.


2018/2019 First B-BBEE review Level 7 status
2019/2020 Limited review of only ownership and management and control (other categories were not reviewed) Non-compliant

Safari reiterates its commitment to empowerment and transformation initiatives. With the recent internalisation of staff and services a new organisational structure is taking shape and attention being directed to employment equity and skills development.

In a social context, we value the empowerment of the youth to become socially responsible citizens with long-term access to the economy. Our vision of assisting and training the youth in and around our centre communities is taking shape. Safari is partnering with non-profit organisations and took hands with the Department of Education in making available to our communities learning platforms and facilities.