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At Safari we are passionate about positive change in our local communities. From experience we know that the local property industry carries with it a wealth of platforms and opportunities where landlords can get involved. Through our actions, however big or small, we can open doors, take hands, shift boundaries and stimulate change for the better of communities and society as a whole. “Improvement” is a core value of Safari and we are proud to give a voice to this value through our actions as we strive to make a difference for the better. Our CSI initiatives at Safari are particularly centred around education and the social upliftment of our local communities as we draw young entrepreneurs and small businesses to benefit from skills development and networking opportunities. We invite you to explore our initiatives and to feel welcome to join us on the road to positive change by taking part in our programs or to join our networks.

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Safari Volunteering or Giving a Helping Hand of Support Include:

At Safari we are passionate about positive change in our local communities. Denlyn Stars was launched by Safari in 2018 to acknowledge and award persons in the Mamelodi community that make a difference. Every three months Denlyn starts a new search for its next Denlyn Star. Members of the community nominate inspirational figures of any age and in any category in which they excel. Once finalists are announced the community can vote for their favourite star. The winning Denlyn Star is awarded with measures of assistance, guidance and upskilling from Denlyn Shopping Centre and other partnering associations in selected areas such as finance, employment, education, training and networking. Through this initiative they are exposed to business advice, to experiences in the business world, to give motivational talks in the community, and to attend events where they can inspire the youth. These experiences and memories are being created while also encouraging loyalty and fellowship amongst the Denlyn shoppers and businesses.

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