Positive Change

Education Is Our Future

Creative Thinking Workshop for teachers of Umthombo Primary

Safari Investments and the Idea Collective formed a partnership with the vision to build a community of empowered educators. Maria Day had a workshop with teachers of Umthombo Primary on the importance of empathy and creative thinking for educators. She guided them through the steps of play education and being creative facilitators. We were amazed by the creative games they developed and solutions they came up with. A third Creative Thinking workshop was hosted for the Foundation Phase teachers of Bud Mbelle. It was heartwarming to see the creativity of the teachers and the many smiling faces on the day. They practiced to think outside the box and thanked Maria for the opportunity to expand their horisons.

At Safari we know that giving is more than donating, it is about making a difference! With this mindset Safari embarked on a journey in 2020 taking hands with Education is our Future (NPO 160407) who is involved in the upliftment of literacy in rural schools. Their mission is to encourage and improve education primarily in township and rural areas, with the goal of developing future leaders for the country. All learners should have a chance at learning, reading, writing and ultimately, communication.

The intervention programmes of this initiative over the past 2 years exceeded our expectations. A culture of "love for the reading word" was established at Umthombo Primary and together we have done an amazing renovation to their library. Safari has also given additional support at Umthombo Primary, repairing leaking roofs and upgrading classrooms to create a stimulating environment for learners. Regular visits from Mothusi and the Denlyn team, where achievers were awarded backpacks and McFlurry vouchers, added many smiles to this beautiful project.

Bud Mbhele Primary

The Education is our Future programme was extended to Bud Mbelle Primary School in Atteridgeville in 2022. This school faces many challenges such as accommodating up to 70 learners in some classes with limited space. Safari, in partnership with Education is our Future, established a library for the school in June 2022. Award ceremonies now take place here and learners are awarded for their hard work.