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Enterpreneurial Networking


The vibrant bi-monthly fleamarkets at Atlyn Shopping Centre over the past year has been hosted by the Ladies in Business Network, consisting mainly of female entrepreneurs residing in Atteridgeville and surrounding areas. They partnered with Rewatu’s (KasiRadar) and Safari Investments to offer its +1200 members an opportunity to take their businesses to the next level. Kasiradar is an online market that was created to provide LBN members as well as other Kasi brands with a solution that will not only add value to their businesses, but also expand their client base nationally. Kasiradar offers a convenient and flexible online shopping experience for customers to support their favourite local brands. A Kasiradar magazine will also be launched to serve as a catalogue to attract shoppers to their online platform. It became clear that LBN members need a drop off and pick up point for their customers. Safari Investments was delighted to offer space at Nkomo Village for a central collection point for the Kasiradar customers and for LBN to operate Kasiradar from. This initiative was launched on 11 February 2023 and we know it will grow from strength to strength as we take hands and stand together in support of our local small businesses.

A vibrant networking session was hosted by Safari at Denlyn for a number of entrepreneurs from Mamelodi together with the latest Denlyn Star finalists. The 19 year old Howard Zondo, young author, public speaker and talent‐preneur who is an advocate of black consciousness motivated these entrepreneurs. He grew up in Mamelodi and is evidence that struggles, instead of pulling you down, can be turned into symbols of hope. His message echoes that hardship, instead of bringing separation, can connect people in their communal goal to seek better lives. Professionals from Safari Investments shared their business advice with the young entrepreneurs with topics on motivation, branding, social media, and legal aspects in the business world.From this networking session also came the establishment of a new entrepreneurial forum and Whatsapp support group for entrepreneurs in Mamelodi.

Entrepreneurial programmes in Atteridgeville

The collaboration expanded and currently Safari Investments is running the following separate entrepreneurial projects in Atteridgeville:

  1. Mnandi Mall: Safari grants exhibition space to six ladies from the Ladies in Business (LBN) entrepreneurial network.
  2. Atlyn Mall: Empty shop space has been converted into a pop-up shop and a training facility where ten entrepreneurs had the opportunity to attend a threemonth training programme in collaboration with the Makerspace, UNDP and the Ladies in Business Network. The Odesa shop provides the opportunity to test products, creates brand awareness and adds value to their entrepreneurial journey.
  3. Ladies in Business quarterly family markets: Safari grants the venue as well as a stage and sound for the markets where entrepreneurs can display and sell their products. These markets started in 2022 with a membership of 200. Its membership database increased and this group recently reached 10,000 followers. The markets also evolved into a social market with a patting zoo, talent shows and other entertainment. Safari provides them with a small office space at Nkomo Village where they can host meetings and provide business assistance, networking opportunities, skill-building workshops with the assistance of SEDA, as well as empowering the entrepreneurial community.
  4. The Ark@1349, our own entrepreneurial shop at Nkomo Village. Click here for Ark@1349

Since its establishment the forum organized a Wedding Expo giving local entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their products at Denlyn. An Authors Club is now being established for young upcoming authors wanting to publish their own books. These writers will use Denlyn as a platform to showcase their talent but will also be giving back to the community by reading to young ones on a Saturday morning to encourage love for books and education. If you want to join the network please make contact with Denlyn’s Centre Manager, Sipho Manamela at denlyn@safari-investments.com

Entrepreneurial programme in Sebokeng

Safari Investments in collaboration with Shape Café started with a brand new Entrepreneurial Development project in 2023. The aim is to encourage sustainability of small businesses through free exhibitions.

We had the privilege of hosting 12 of the Entrepreneurs from the Vaal at the Safari Head Office in Pretoria. Safari’s CEO Dirk welcomed the entrepreneurs and the session opened by motivating them with a video and speech. Pieter, Safari’s legal advisor and Company Secretary shared loopholes to watch out for in the industry as well as other legalities. Willem, our CFO, emphasised the importance of good financial records and COO Martin explained operational issues that they might face. Lunch was prepared by a local Atteridgeville entrepreneur and Safari’s marketing manager Anne-Marie closed the day with useful marketing tips. Staff members could not resist tasting some of their food products and placing orders.

These entrepreneurs gained valuable knowledge to take back to their businesses to help them succeed and grow

Howard Zondo, youngauthor, public speaker and talent‐preneur

Howard Zondo, author and public speaker motivating the crowd

Tanya from Safari assists the entrepreneurs to discover their inner strengths

Pieter van Niekerk talked about Legal issues in your business


Anne‐Marie Kruger sharing branding and marketing tips