Message from Safari on COVID-19

Covid-19 is impacting all of us. We want you to know that Safari Investments as Landlord is serious about the health and safety of each tenant, shopper and community member. We fully endorse government’s measures to contain and minimise spreading of the disease. We believe that this social crisis should change the way we do shopping and that everyone should make urgent adjustments to their behaviour.

We have already implemented best practice guidelines at our offices and across all our shopping centres. We have empowered all our staff and centre managers with the relevant information and guided them on personal hygiene and preventative measures. At our centres rigorous and frequent cleaning is in place and we increased our practice of cleanliness and sanitation. We are also aware that our shopping centres are especially valuable channels for communication with the public so we have placed information at key points such as entrances, exits and taxi ranks whereby we are encouraging and educating our communities about best hygiene practices and awareness about the symptoms and incubation period.

All marketing and entertainment events are cancelled for the moment. We will monitor the situation and increase measures if and when necessary. Through our Facebook pages we will communicate trading hours and relevant measures taken. We will continue to emphasize responsible trading – not only for the benefit of the economy as a whole but also to ensure the availability of needed products and services to our communities.

We are all part of a greater family and now is the time to stand together and stay safe