Denlyn Stars

MAMELODI - 30 AUGUST 2018. Denlyn Shopping Centre in Mamelodi is known for adding value to its surrounding community. Their aspiration was taken to the next level with the new Denlyn Stars campaign that wants to acknowledge and award excellence in our communities.

As owner of Denlyn Shopping centre in Mamelodi, Safari Investments felt urged to honor the shining stars in its Mamelodi community who fight to improve their lives through a positive attitude and hard work. They want to show that the Denlyn community cares and values individuals. This is also in line with Safari’s corporate value of improvement wherein the company strives to make a difference for the better of its stakeholders. Through this initiative they are giving opportunities for selected stars to be exposed to greatness, to experience things like “a day in the life of a retailer”, to give motivational talks in the community, and to attend gala events where they can inspire the youth. These experiences and memories are being created while encouraging loyalty and fellowship amongst the Denlyn shoppers.

Every three months Denlyn starts a new search for the next Denlyn Star. Members of the community nominate inspirational figures of any age and in any category in which they excel, be it academics, sport, leadership or innovation.

We are thrilled that the Mamelodi community is embracing the Denlyn Stars initiative and that they are nominating, voting and donating towards the initiative. More information is available on the website where shoppers can also access an online entry form to participate: 

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