Positive Change

We don’t do donations, we do community

Uniforms and shoes

Safari Investments RSA supported 20 children from the Poorest of the Poor families in Mamelodi and Eersterust with school uniforms and shoes.

Saulsville High School

Saulsville High School is in desperate need of tables and chairs for their scholars. Safari sponsored 50 chairs and is looking for a partner that can assist with the supply of wood. The school’s staff members are prepared to fix the tables themselves.

Patch-Up South Africa

Patch-Up South Africa is a NPO aimed at restoring the young disadvantaged and homeless people of South Africa, with sustainable programs that includes daily feeding, documentation, employment, education, and entrepreneurship. The Denlyn Mall management team, Denlyn Superspar, Denlyn Boxer, Denlyn Jet, SANCO and Denlyn Nedbank collected and contributed food, blankets and clothing. These items were distributed to the Eersterust and Mamelodi community.

Denlyn Mall 2021

With the help of our Denlyn tenants, Superspar and Union Mercy, Denlyn provided food parcels through Authentic Life Church to support 40 families for 2 months.

Platz Am Meer 16 Jul 2021

Nelson Mandela Day theme 2021: One Hand Can Feed Another. Platz am Meer centre manager Hesti organised for 120 cups of soup from CANSA for distribution to frontline workers at Medi-Clinic and Tamariskia clinic.

Nkomo Village August 2021

Nkomo Village assisted the Humelela Youth Development Foundation by supplying paint for two classrooms at Hofmeyr Secondary School. This Mandela day initiative was postponed to the end of August 2021.

A Belated Denlyn's Mandela Day Contribution

Denlyn combined efforts with the Sisters Foundation and went on a Charity Drive on 9 October to Shirlek where they targeted 50 – 60 beneficiaries. Denlyn bought toiletries and contributed some received from shoppers via the Sani-Drive.

In unity with our community and Kasi Brothers

The strength of relationships with our communities was shown when the community and especially the Kasi Brothers decided to stand up and protect shopping centres during the national unrest in July 2021. This unselfish deed made headlines not only locally but also nationally and internationally.