The Safari Team


Erika Buys

  • Development Manager: Portfolio Marketing

Erika is responsible for marketing of existing and new retailer space within the portfolio with in depth knowledge of the retail industry. She also promotes new development and growth opportunities within the group with strong relations with retailers and tenants to understand the target market and retail dynamics. She ensures the optimum product and tenant mix is offered by Safari to meet current and future market demands with a focus on Fashion and Services in the retail market.
(012) 365 1889


Tanya Roode

  • Human Resource Manager

Tanya is responsible for marketing and leasing of the portfolio properties and promoting new development and growth opportunities within the group. She focuses on strong tenant relations and identifying diverse target markets to ensure the optimum product is offered by Safari to meet market demands. Her focus is on Food Court and Furniture retailers.

As a qualified industrial psychologist she is also ensuring an optimum organisational structure with a talent pipeline to sustain the business in the future.
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Andries Boshoff

  • Development Manager & Financial Analyst

As qualified Chartered Accountant Andries serves as the group’s financial analyst. He compiles financial projections and forecasts in consideration of the company’s investment decisions. He analyses current market and economic trends to gauge company performance against and generates reports and projections for potential investors. He is also key in determining the feasibility of new development and investment opportunities. As development manager he is also involved in the negotiation of commercial terms and lease offers with a focus on Financial Institutions as tenants of Safari in the retail market.
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Henrike Pienaar

  • Development Manager: Development Manager and Public Relations

Henrike administrates the implementation phase of selected greenfield projects including the due diligence process, liaison with council and state officials, and tending to private and public tenders on new land acquisitions and developments. She reviews the performance of established investment assets and assists with reports and analysis for investors. As business writer she also oversees the professional maintenance of a favourable public image for Safari in written communications to ensure strong public relations and a reliable corporate image.
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Pieter van Niekerk

Pieter van Niekerk

  • Group Company Secretary
  • Legal Counsel & Portfolio Marketing
Pieter is the group company secretary and legal counsel of Safari dealing with all statutory compliance and corporate governance aspects for the group. He also assists with the legal aspects and requirements of greenfield projects, from implementation through to fruition. Pieter previously practiced as a Notary and Conveyancer bringing great knowledge of the property market to Safari. He is also part of the portfolio marketing team who networks with retailers in the market to promote existing and new retail space within the Safari portfolio.
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Anne-Marie Kruger

  • Marketing and Media Manager

Anne-Marie is responsible for the corporate branding of Safari’s portfolio. She manages the social media strategy and marketing campaigns of Safari and oversees the graphic design and content of all published material. She works closely with all Safari team members to determine the best and most creative ways to advertise the company’s offering and produces both simple and complex advertising campaigns. She ensures that Safari’s image is well represented and covered in national media and publications.
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Talana Smith

  • New Business Development & Investor Relations

Talana is involved in the sourcing of new business development for Safari. She works through negotiations and the due diligence process to provide a formal investment case proposal on new projects for the board. She also looks after the investor relations function for Safari by attending to current and potential institutional investors and analysts in the market. She attends to analyst guidance and roadshow presentations and site visits.
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