Our vision and mission

The Board has adopted an aggressive approach toward its assets to ensure long-term investment sustainability and income growth. An emphasis is placed on quality tenants and mitigating the risk of market-infiltration by competitors. Through market research and implementation of innovative management methods, the focus is on continuous improvement of the company’s bottom line and maximizing return on investment for all stakeholders.

Currently, the rural African market falls under the emerging sector. Despite a tough economic climate globally, Africa sees a growing consumer middle class helped by rapid urbanisation and shifting demographic trends driving property demand and growth opportunities in the real estate industry across the continent.

SAFARI remains aware of these market trends and committed to ensure that its footprint is both strengthened and consolidated under all circumstances. Implementation methods constitute a combination of the following:

- cost- effective refurbishing of centres to unlock maximum potential and value;
- extending retail centres in line with national retailers’ interests and commitments;
- ensuring a healthy and balanced tenant mix for each centre; and
- proactive management and marketing of facilities in line with evolving market trends.

In line with SAFARI’s vision to dominate various catchment areas, the company considers it essential to establish its developments as preferred retail destinations – thereby minimizing nearby competition. While an aggressive approach to growing of the portfolio is being followed, the Board ensures that business is conducted ethically and that impeccable standards are upheld at all times.