Enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience through technology, connectivity & value-added services

The objective
Through the use of technology and social media we attract customers to our centres, while also providing direct marketing opportunities for our tenants.

The solution
In 2016 the Board approved a capital infrastructure cost of R2,5 million for installation of high-speed, reliable fibre network in our centres. Tenants in our centres are required to enter into service agreements with VOX Telecoms for use of the fibre network, which allows them access to wi-fi points with location-based capabilities. Shoppers logging on to the wi-fi networks will require either an email or Facebook account, allowing tenants to advertise directly to shoppers through push notifications.

The impact
Safari will receive 40% of the revenue generated from the wi-fi costs paid by tenants. The benefit of direct marketing to shoppers is a significant value-add to our tenants.

“Internet infrastructure is a vital inclusion in our investment in the building of commercial centres and other facilities. There is significant value not only to our tenants who see connectivity as a utility, but also to us. Our ability to do real-time market research directly impacts the services and solutions we can integrate into our offering of future investments.”