Francois Marais: Safari Investments keeps rolling – assessing new growth streams

Joining us now from Pretoria is Francois Marais, the Chief Executive of Safari Investments. Well, it’s been an interesting year to the end of March for you, Francois. Nice to be able to get an update.

Yes. Thank you very much Alec, for the opportunity. It has been a good year. We managed to grow the portfolio from R1.8bn to R2.2bn in value, which was a 23 percent increase. We also managed to have a revenue growth of 22 percent over the year-on-year, from R140m to R172m. I know these are small figures but by our standards, these are nice figures. We’re particularly focused in the year on consolidating our assets which, I think under the present economic conditions, it was the sensible thing to do. We also concentrated on making our current centres the dominant centres in the areas where they are

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