Minimising the environmental impact in our retail centres with green initiatives

The objective
Innovative design to reduce the environmental impact of our shopping centres and improve operating efficiencies to enhance shareholder returns.

The solution
Our centres are strategically located near major transportation nodes, for the convenience of customers, where historically such services have been scarce in these areas. Many of our customers rely on public transportation, allowing us to reduce the area required for private parking bays and increase the available retail space significantly.

In line with our reduction in environmental impact strategy, the Board approved the installation of photovoltaic panels to the roofs of our centres in 2016. The photovoltaic panels have been installed at the majority of our centres, with the remaining centres to be upgraded by 2018.

The impact
Customers benefit from time and transportation cost savings with the location of our centres. The natural light and fresh air of the centres further encourage consumer patronage.

The photovoltaic panels, together with the innovative design of naturally illuminated and ventilated walkways of our centres, have reduced our dependency on the electricity grid to generate sustainable savings in operating costs.

We are currently looking at further environmental sustainability initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, inter alia harvesting rainwater.