Long-term sustainability is dependent on meticulous attention to the quality of the existing portfolio, as well as the diligent pursuit of future opportunities. SAFARI prides itself on an energetic approach that seeks out exciting future investments that will extend the portfolio to provide even more possibilities for investors to grow their return.

An investment in SAFARI is a unique opportunity to acquire an interest in particular properties through shareholding in the company. Considering the diversity and freshness of the select SAFARI assets and developments, there’s only a nominal risk factor involved. Apart from existing properties and some new phases underway, the opportunity for future growth also exists with portions of vacant land that have promising potential and are already owned by SAFARI.

The company favours a holistic view of the broader economy and its effects on the prospects of SAFARI are continually considered. The directors believe that the company’s market penetration in specifically Mamelodi, Atteridgeville, Sebokeng, Heidelberg and Namibia is ideal and has been achieved at a most opportune time to ensure investments are sustainable.

Risk during development phases is minimised by utilising the services of a development agent who only offers a development as an investment when a certain level of lease undertakings has been reached. The minimum is usually set at 80% of gross leasable area.