Generating positive returns for shareholders should be balanced with our wider obligations to the environment and society as a whole. Economic prosperity, social responsibility and environmental protection go together. Integrating these three values is fundamental for the healthy growth of our business and for broad-based stakeholder value creation over the long term. While Safari is a relatively small REIT in the market, we want to be more aware of these broader impacts and opportunities in relation to our business activities.

Environmental impact

We are increasingly considering the impact of our assets on their environment. During the design and construction phases of projects we carefully consider environmentally sensitive and eco-efficient design options. Safari takes great care in selecting materials and building techniques suitable for the environment by focusing on innovative design and finishes. Properties are designed to make optimal use of natural light and ventilation. Large roofed buildings like retail centres are ideal for photovoltaic electricity generation. With solar power systems already operating at the centres in Mamelodi, Atteridgeville, Sebokeng and Swakopmund the company will continue to install solar systems at the new Thornhill centre and to expand existing systems to full capacity where feasible. Existing solar systems generate in total 1,7MVA of electricity and by the addition of the system at Thornhill we wil be adding 600 KVA totaling 2,3MVA for the portfolio.

Social impact

In the property industry one has tremendous opportunity to engage with communities and to contribute to their welfare. Our centres in emerging locations not only create jobs but they provide a one-stop destination and business node for people not having to travel long distances from home for quality products and services. It is only by bringing services and creating quality assets in all communities that South Africa will achieve economic empowerment within the context of a broader national empowerment strategy.